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Restaurant Struggling? Hospitality Management And Assessment Software May Help

Opening up a new restaurant should be fun and exciting. However, many new restaurant owners forget to properly understand their hospitality management and end up making mistakes that complicate their success. This situation can be very frustrating unless they master proper hospitality asset management methods. Getting consultation can help here, particularly if restaurants use high-quality software to track their hospitality concerns and to create reports that showcase what they're doing wrong. Read More 

4 Reasons To Rent A Vacation Home For Your Trip

When you start to put together the details of any trip, one of the most important decisions you'll need to make is where you will stay. There are likely many great hotels near your destination of choice, but there are also a lot of beautiful vacation home rentals to choose from. If you're wanting to enjoy a different trip experience, you should book a vacation home for your next trip. Here are the reasons to rent a vacation home:  Read More 

What To Look For A Beachside Hotel In Oregon

The Oregon coast has a lot to offer: beautiful beaches, fun shops where you can buy hand-painted and crafted items, and other glorious adventures that you can do nowhere else. You're excited about your upcoming stay on the southern Oregon coast, but you have one dilemma: finding a hotel to stay in. Since the Oregon coast is host to many visitors a year, there are many hotels and beachfront houses to stay in so you have many options. Read More 

Four Reasons To Hold Your Wedding At A Hotel

As you search for potential wedding venues, you will encounter a number of different types of sites, such as restaurants, wineries, community centers, and religious buildings. However, holding your wedding at a hotel has a distinct advantages not offered by other prospective locales. Hotels frequently have multiple elegant spots that you can use for your wedding. Here are a few reasons you should choose a hotel to host your wedding festivities. Read More 

Three Reasons Why You Should Surf El Salvador

As an American, you are probably constantly looking for new ways to be entertained, have fun and explore exotic places. South of the border, Mexico, Central America and South America have tons to offer. You can practice your Spanish while shopping in live markets. You can lay on the beach and drink rum in its purest and best form. You can stay in an El Salvador surf resort and learn how to surf—wait, you can do that? Read More